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Adobe Creative Cloud at BYU
Purchase a year of access to Adobe Creative Cloud through BYU at the discounted rate of $69

All BYU full-time employees are automatically granted access to Adobe product.

BYU Part-time employees and student employees who need Creative Cloud for work can submit a request.

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BYU Students can now purchase a year of access to Adobe Creative Cloud through BYU at the discounted rate of $69
Launch and update desktop apps.
Create and enhance images.
Edit and organize images.
Create custom vector images.
View, create, and manipulate PDF files.
Design prototype websites and apps.
Edit and polish video footage.
Add Visual effects, and digital motion graphics to videos.
Create posters, books, and more.
Mix, edit, and restore music and sounds.
Edit HTML, PHP, Javascript, and CSS.
Design interactive animations.
Edit and format content to use with In Design
Create 3D photorealistic renderings.
Use your expressions and movements to animate your character in real-time.

Product Overview

See an overview of what Creative Cloud offers. Check out the Adobe Help Center to find helpful step-by-step tutorials for each Adobe Application.



  1. Download the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.
  2. Run the downloaded installer.
  3. Login to the Creative Cloud Desktop app with your and password.
  4. Use the Creative Cloud Desktop app to download any of the desired Adobe Creative Cloud applications to function.
Browse, upload, and share Adobe files.
Edit and organize images.
Edit, manage, share, and create PDFs.
Snap a picture and create a PDF document.
Add filters and create collages.
Retouch, heal, smooth, and lighten images.
Combine and blend images together.
Edit video color, audio, and motion graphics.
Create basic vector artwork.
Use prebuilt mobile print and websites.
Find a font or color, and be shown similar items.
Preview your Adobe XD designs real time.
Create web stories and simple websites.
Simply create short videos and trailers.
Design graphics and collages.
Visit the following web page to migrate your assets to a new Creative Cloud free membership account today:


Getting Started
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    What is Adobe Creative Cloud?
    Adobe Creative Cloud is a compilation of professional applications used for editing and creating video, design, photography, and web design.
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    How do I obtain access to Adobe Creative Cloud?
    BYU full-time employees
    All BYU full-time employees are automatically granted access to Adobe product.

    BYU student employees and part-time employees
    BYU student employees and part-time employees who need Adobe for their work can submit a request that must be approved by their manager before obtaining access. These users are also granted to use Adobe Creative Cloud for personal, non-business related projects.

    may purchase a year of access to Adobe Creative Cloud through BYU at the discounted rate of $69.
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    How do I sign into Adobe Creative Cloud?
    1. Launch Adobe Creative Cloud
    2. Use your and select continue
    3. You will be redirected to a page where you will input your and associated password to sign in (You may need to authenticate through DUO if it is enabled).
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    How do I backup data from Creative Cloud
    Option 1: Download files from the Adobe Sync folder.

    1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app
    2. Navigate to the "Your Work" tab
    3. Select the "Your Works Link" icon in the left sidebar
    4. Select "Open sync folder"
    5. You can drag and drop synced files directly from Creative Cloud to your desktop

    Note: Cloud documents and Mobile creations that are not in the sync folder will need to be downloaded by following the steps in option 2.

    Option 2: Download individual files from the Creative Cloud Website

    1. Open the Creative Cloud website.
    2. Go to the tab containing your file:
    3. Select a file and then select the More actions icon …
    4. Select "download" to obtain the file.
    Note: This method only allows users to download one file at a time.

    For more information visit
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    "You don't have access to manage apps"
    Mac: This error can be resolved by running the following package: Adobe Apps-Tab Repair
    Note: In order to run this package you will need to Control-click the package icon

    Windows: Reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud from
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    Acrobat Error: "The serial number ... is already in use by the maximum allowed computers"
    The following instructions will resolve the Acrobat serial number error:
    1. Download and run the Acrobat Cleaner Tool.
    2. Re-install Acrobat here.


Live Chat with BYU IT Support or call/text 801‑422‑4000.

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